About Cross Country

2020 Evergreen XC Handbook

Philosophy of Evergreen Cross Country

The purpose of Evergreen Cross Country is to develop athletes physically, intellectually, and emotionally with a goal of helping each individual runner reach their potential. In order for each runner to achieve the most from participation this season, a measure of self-discipline and responsibility will be needed. Although cross country may appear to be an individual sport, we train and compete as a team and thus emphasize the team aspect.  Team members are there to build each other up, push each other to perform, and help each other excel. The basic requirements of our runners are that they come ready to work towards their individual potential, view their training with an open mind, and be willing to commit to the team and individual goals they set. Participation in cross country should help develop a love of running, sports, and teamwork that last beyond their high school graduation.

Cross country is a no-cut sport; if an athlete signs up, goes to practice and follows the rules, they are a team member.  There is also no bench; barring injury or other special circumstances, every athlete will get to see the fruits of their training at every competition. Most of our meets will be Invitationals taking place on Saturdays with numerous teams. These meets will typically have four races for Evergreen runners (high school boys and girls, middle school boys and girls).  At some larger meets, there will be a varsity race and a junior varsity or open race. High school runners run a 5K, equivalent to 3.1 miles. Middle school runners run 2 miles.


To be a successful runner, one will need all the right ingredients. You need to be able to run miles to build up your endurance, and do threshold work to monitor the lactic acid in your legs. You must do hill training to build strength, run intervals to build speed and have recovery days to rebuild the muscles that are damaged due to the stress you put on your body. It’s a science to get all the components working for you. Everyone will have good days and bad days in training; it will be up to the  runner to keep a positive attitude and trust the program.

Coaches Expectations of Athletes

  1. Athletes will attend all practices. Participants may be excused from practices for doctor appointments, sickness, other school activities. To be excused from practice, athletes must give a written note from a parent to their absence. Detentions/suspensions are unexcused absences.
  1. Encourage and respect one another. Participants will treat teammates, coaches, officials, or opposing team with respect. Swearing,  profanity, and taunting will not be tolerated. Throughout practices and meets, athletes are expected to cheer one another on.
  1. Come Prepared. Participants will bring all necessary equipment to practices and meets. This includes appropriate apparel (running clothes/uniform/warms ups), water bottle, running shoes/spikes, and a positive attitude.