2017 District Meet Info

Viking XC 2016 Districts
The 2016 Viking XC District teams

District Championshop Sat. 10/21 (High School only)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/ccframe.php?path=./dist/nw/findlay/2017

Course maps: Findlay Owens 5K Course

Owens Community College – Findlay Campus
3200 Bright Road
Findlay, OH 45840

7:45am – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 9:00am)
11:00am – Division III HS girls race (District 1)
1:00pm – Division III HS boys race (District 2)
4:00pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – Once again we find ourselves looking at the final phase of our season. Both as teams and individuals, it’s place or go home.  This year, they threw us a curve ball by switching from preset districts to a seeding system, much like other sports use.  The coaches all submitted their times for their varsity runners, then voted on seeding for all 30 teams in the district.  The voting results were used to break those 30 teams into two district races.  At the end of the day, it means for a more challenging district for the girls team. The top four teams advance to Regionals, and we are currently seeded fifth.  One of the teams seeded ahead of us hasn’t had a full team run in several weeks due to injury, but team seeded right behind us has a strong team and placed ahead of us last season.  Advancement is earned, not given; we have to run our best to move on, and we don’t get extra help just because we’ve faced adversity this season.
The course is exactly the same as last year: it’s flat and pretty fast.  It’s also fairly spectator friendly, allowing folks the chance to see the start, most of the first mile, and the finish with only a moderate amount of walking.  There are a lot of straightaways, but there are also some sharp turns that keep it interesting.  The weather will be in our favor, with an expected race time temperature in the upper 60s for the girls and lighter winds (compare to a high of 55F and cloudy with 17mph sustained winds last year).
This will be a long day…we leave before 8am and won’t get back until late afternoon, so rest is essential. It was a great atmosphere last year though, and we anticipate the same this year.  We’re there to compete, stride for stride.


2017 NWOAL Championship Info


NWOAL League Championship Sat. 10/14 (High School & Middle School)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/nwoal/2017/

Course maps:
High School Course
Middle School Course

Homecoming Park
(Wauseon, OH)

Fan Parking Information

7:45am – Meet at High School
8:00am – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 8:30am)
10:00am – HS girls race
10:40am – HS boys race
11:20am – MS girls race
12:00pm – MS boys race
12:30pm – Awards
1:30pm – Estimated return time

Meet Notes – This is it…the league championship meet! For many runners, this is the final race of their season and their chance to put it all on the line competing against their league rivals.  We run in one of the most competitive leagues in the state, so every place in the race counts!  If ever there was a week to do the little things…hydrate well, eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep…this is the week.

This season, we had the opportunity to preview this course not once but twice. We walked/jogged the course a few weeks ago, then ran it in race conditions at the Fulton County Invitational on 9/26.  The latter was HOT…we ran in 90F+ at 5pm with direct sun. The forecast currently calls for partly sunny and high of 80F, but with most races being run before noon it should stay cool enough for the temperature to not be a factor.

Note – Parking is limited!  Please see the parking map linked above and be sure to give yourself enough time to find a spot.

The league meet t-shirts usually look pretty sharp, and this year is no exception:
2017 NWOAL CC Champ A

Shirts are grey and will be available in short sleeve ($12) or long sleeve ($15) – CASH ONLY

2017 Hudson Invitational Info


Hudson Invitational Sat. 10/7 (High School & Middle School)

Results available at https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=134262

Course maps:
Hudson High School Course
Hudson Middle School Course

Hudson High School
746 N Maple Grove Ave
Hudson, MI 49247

7:00am – MS bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 7:45am)
8:00am – HS bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 8:45am)
9:00am – MS girls race
9:45am – MS boys race
10:30am – HS girls varsity race
11:30am – HS boys varsity race
12:00pm – Open race (JV, coaches, etc.)
12:40pm – Awards ceremony
1:45pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – Last year was our first visit to this meet, and the response was overwhelmingly favorable.  Though not quite as big as Tiffin, this is a larger meet with a pretty festive atmosphere (including some music and dancing).  The course itself is pretty decent, with a combination of wooded trails, open grass fields, and a great downhill finish.  From a spectator standpoint, a good portion of the race is viewable from the start/finish area.
Travel time from the high school is approximately 45 minutes. Please be advised they do charge $5 per person for entry so plan accordingly.  We do realize that there’s both a girls’ varsity soccer game and the homecoming dance later this day, but we do ask everyone to stay as long as possible to cheer on your fellow Viking runners, and we remind you to notify us in advance if you will be leaving early.

2017 Fulton County Invitational Info

2017 Homecoming Hill

UPDATE: This is a high school only meet. Middle school will have regular practice after school.
Fulton County Invitational Tue. 9/26 (High School only)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/fultoncounty/2017/

Course maps:
High School Course
Middle School Course

Homecoming Park
Parking Info: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/fultoncounty/2017/Fan%20Parking%20information.pdf

3:00pm – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 3:30pm)
5:00pm – HS girls race
5:30pm – HS boys race
6:00pm – Two mile open
6:20pm – Awards ceremony
7:00pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – This is the inaugural running of this invitational and a chance for Wauseon to go through the process of hosting a meet prior to hosting the NWOAL Championships on October 14.  The high school and middle school runners had an opportunity to preview this course a couple weeks ago, and this is an opportunity for us to run a full race on the course before competing at leagues.  We don’t typically run full invitationals in the middle of the week, but Wauseon had to accommodate the fact that many schools already had invitationals booked on these weekends in advance and indicated that they will be looking to host on a Saturday next year (likely the weekend after Widewater).
Based on what we saw at the preview, this promises to be a pretty fast course so we’re looking forward to a chance to run it a couple times (for those of you familiar with Homecoming Park: no, we do NOT have to run up Homecoming Hill!).


Parking will be a little tricky so please refer to the information linked above as there are several designated locations.  It will also still be pretty hot Tuesday and the start/finish area is in an open field, so plan accordingly.  There are restroom facilities at the main pavilion/finish as well as near the starting area.

2017 Widewater Invitational Info

Liberty Center Widewater Invitational Sat. 9/23 (High School & Middle School)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/libertycenter/2017/

Course schedule and mapshttp://www.baumspage.com/cc/libertycenter/2017/Course%20Schedule%20and%20Maps.pdf

Widewater Retreat Center
4050 Old US24
Liberty Center, OH 43532

*Parking Note – Do not go to the main park entrance. Parking is off of County Road 4 west of the park and should be marked.  There is a $5 charge for parking, and it’s a bit of a hike from the parking area to the starting line so plan accordingly.


7:00am – Middle school bus leaves (est. arrival 7:45am)
9:00am – Middle School girls race
9:30am – Middle School boys race
10:00am – Middle School awards
11:00am – Estimated return to EHS


9:15am – High School team bus leaves (est. arrival 10:00am)
11:30am – High School girls race (Black Division)
12:15pm – High School boys race (Black Division)
1:00pm – High School awards
2:00pm – Estimated return to EHS
Meet Notes – This course is a perennial favorite.  It offers a little bit of everything: fast/flat first mile, grassy and rolling second mile, and the third mile includes wooded trails, a water hazard followed by a steep hill, and a flat, open finish.  From a spectator standpoint, here is pretty good viewing of the start, one mile mark, and the finish (as well as “the hill” near the finish).  Most of the rest of the course is accessible, just be prepared to get some exercise!
It’s going to be HOT Saturday, so please dress and plan accordingly.  There is shade to be found, but the main field with the start/finish area is a wide open field so it will be toasty!

2017 Fayette Eagle Invitational Info (EMS)


Fayette Eagle Invitational – Sat. 9/16 (Middle School only)
Harrison Lake State Park
26246 Harrison Lake Road
Fayette, OH 43521

Results online at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/fayette/2017

7:20am – Leave from High School (est. arrival at Harrison Lake 8:00am)
9:00am – Girls’ middle school race
9:30am – Boys’ middle school race
11:00am – Estimated return to Evergreen

Notes – One of the most beautiful courses we run with a few moderate hills and lots of wooded trails. This course has been pretty fast for middle school runners over the years, with nearly every runner setting a personal record at the meet.  From a spectator standpoint, the start and finish areas are fairly close together, with the finish being a long stretch great for cheering.  The course has been modified several times over the years, so double check the start and finish locations on arrival in case they’ve been moved again.  The graphic below gives an approximation of where they’ve been in the past. Be sure to give yourself extra time to find a parking spot and walk to the start/finish area.

Harrison Lake Start/Finish

2017 Ottawa-Glandorf Invitational Info (EHS)

DSC_0860Ottawa-Glandorf Invitational Sat. 9/16 (High School only)

Results and info available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/ottawa/2017/

Course maps:

High School Course

Ottawa Memorial Park
730 N Locust St
Ottawa, OH 45875

6:00am – Meet at High School (bus leaves 6:15am sharp, est. arrival 7:30am)
9:30am – HS Varsity boys race
10:30am – HS Varsity girls race
1:30pm – Expected return to Evergreen

Meet Notes – O-G, Take Two.  Last year we traveled all the way to Ottawa only to be told the meet was canceled due to rain because they were concerned about jeopardizing course conditions for the upcoming District meet hosted five weeks later.  Disappointed but determined, we jogged the course anyway just to gain some familiarity and we’re looking forward to competing on it this season.  This is widely known as a very fast course, and while it will feel small compared to Tiffin we will have some great competition to contend with.

From a spectator standpoint, the course (linked above) weaves back and forth across the park and offers numerous opportunities to cheer on runners.  Several areas have the runners coming through one direction and back the other, so there are plenty of spots to watch from.  The one mile and two mile marks are very close to each other and not far from the finish line.