While Viking XC tries to “mix it up” as much as possible when it comes to routes, the reality is that a lot of time is spent running at Evergreen High School, and in Lyons and Metamora.  Below is a list of common routes, organized by mileage and linked to MapMyRun.  Note that these runs can be (and often are) modified to add or reduce mileage according to the target distance.
8 Miles

Mulberry Loop (Lyons) –

T Loop Full (EHS) –

7 Miles

State Line Seven (Metamora) –

T Loop 120 (EHS) –

Big Dipper Loop (EHS) –

4-3 120 (EHS) –

6 Miles

Yankee Loop (Lyons) –

4-1 Loop (EHS) –

5 Miles

U Loop (Lyons) –

T Loop East (EHS) –

T Loop West (EHS) –

3-2 State Line Garnsey (Metamora) –

4 Miles

CR7 Central (EHS) –

Hendricks Loop (Metamora) –

Tree Route + 1 (EHS) –

3 Miles

CR7 (EHS) –

Tree Route (EHS) –

T Loop (Metamora) –

State Line 3-2 Loop (Metamora) –

2 Miles