The Week Ahead – September 21

UPDATE – We still need a volunteer to provide the team meal this Friday.  Please let us know ASAP if you can help out this week.

With the craziness of the fall school season hitting full stride, we thought it might help a little to start putting the week’s events and plans out there ahead of time.  Here’s what this week looks like for Evergreen Cross Country:

Monday (9/21) – Long day. Mileage will range from 4 to 7. Weather should be sunny but cooler.

Tuesday (9/22) – Recovery day. Mileage will range from 2.5 to 4. Weather will be a little warmer, still in mid-70’s.

Wednesday (9/23) – Hill day at Heritage Park in Adrian. We will do 800m repeats that include substantial hill work. Sunny and in upper 70’s, so plan and hydrate accordinly.

Thursday (9/24) – Interval work. Distance/times TBD, but plan on track work.

Friday (9/25) – Wear your CC shirts for Spirit Day! Light day; mileage will be approx 2-3 miles. Team meal after the run.  Homecoming football game…have fun and support our 4-0 football team!

Saturday (9/26) – Liberty Center Widewater Invitational. Details here. Snack to be provided by Amy Klebold.

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