Defiance Early Bird Recap

2016 Defiance HS girls huddle 2
Lady Vikes huddle up before the high school varsity girls race

Recap: You just never know what to expect in the first meet of the season. You sort of get a feel for how workouts have been going, but at this point in our training cycle it’s normal to feel a bit fatigued as we continue to adjust to increased intensity of the workouts and the start of the school year.  The great thing about the Defiance meet is that the course gives a fairly realistic picture; it’s not terribly fast because of the hills, but it’s also not really a slow course (*cough*Archbold*cough).

With that said, the results from this weekend were excellent. Twelve of our high school runners set a personal record, including nine of the ten men.  Now, the men’s team is young so it’s easy to PR when it’s your first ever high school 5k, but even compared to their middle school times they were significantly improved. For example, Chandler’s split at mile two was 21 seconds faster than his two mile PR from the end of last season.

To give you an idea of the progress made, consider the following:

  • Jared PR’d by 2:14
  • John PR’d by 56 seconds
  • Pete PR’d by 15 seconds
  • Phoenix was just 25 seconds off his PR and 1:09 faster than last year’s Defiance time
  • Heidi ran 1:27 faster than her last Defiance race in 2014
  • Katie and Tom both took more than 20 seconds off their Park-o-Rama 5k times despite it being a hilly course

The ladies’ team finished 9th overall out of 18 teams, and their team average of 24:42 for the top five runners was 3 seconds faster than the top individual Lady Vike from last season. The men didn’t have enough runners to score last year, but their top 5 average of 21:00 crushed the four-man average of 24:10 from last year’s meet.

Here are the official results for the High School:

Last Name First Name Finish Place
Majewski Alex 23:24 169
Mitchey Jared 22:46 150
Pollard Thomas 21:32 117
Rhodus Gavin 29:48 195
Ruetz Chandler 22:38 146
Ruth John 21:50 125
Schwan Ben 19:12 48
Simon Pete 28:58 193
Tipping Augie 23:29 171
VanOstrand Phoenix 19:47 60
Fritsch Heidi 26:17 98
Fritsch Katie 25:31 85
Garlick Ashley 25:34 88
Klebold Hannah 31:41 157
McCormick Alexis 32:20 163
Schwan Sarah 22:38 21
Welch Trinity 23:29 44

The middle school race is a bit different at Defiance. Whereas the high school gets a flat, fast mile to start before heading into the hilly section, the middle school heads straight to the hills.  This makes the impact of “The Hill” at the end of the race that much more significant.  Despite this difference, both Kayla and Owen were able to take time off their PR from last Thursday’s Lake meet, dropping 2 and 38 seconds, respectively.  While neither team had enough to score in the meet, our first three girls finished in the top 15 of the race, and Jolie showed incredible determination in passing several runners coming up that intimidating hill at the end.

Here are the official results for the Middle School:

Last Name First Name Finish Place
Gleckler Kayla 14:33 5
Huffman Jolie 23:52 91
Keller Kennedy 15:42 12
Radel Paige 15:56 15
Bryson Owen 17:38 97
Hartzell Chris 16:41 85
Pennington Evan 17:01 92
Thomas William 18:04 101

Up Next: The High School travels to the Otsego Invitational at Mary Jane Thurston State Park this Saturday 9/2, and the Middle School has a week off before heading to Archbold on 9/10.

Full Event Results are available on Baumspage.

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