Fayette Invitational Recap


Recap: Last year’s meet at Harrison Lake was a soaker, and this year proved to be cast from the same mold. It was so wet Saturday that the high school meet at Ottawa-Glandorf was cancelled at the last minute over concerns that running on it might cause trouble for a meet scheduled five weeks later (we ran the course anyway).  Despite the rain last year, the middle school course proved a fast one, and that was even more so the case this year.

For the girls’ race, the Lady Vikes had multiple records fall at both the personal and school level.  Kayla finished fourth overall, setting a new 7th Grade and overall Evergreen Middle School record of 13:34 and taking an impressive 46 seconds off her personal record!  Kennedy also set a new 8th Grade record of 13:53, besting her previous school record of 14:02.  Not to be outdone, Jolie took an incredible 4:49 off her PR, Izzy improved by 30 seconds, and Morgan competed in her first race of the season.

On the boys’ side, Owen turned in a great effort in taking over a minute and a half off his PR.  Chris also shaved 22 seconds from his personal best, and Evan turned in his best performance of the season so far.

Here are the results for the Middle School:

Last Name First Name Finish Place
Barkhimer Izzy 19:26 95
Foster Morgan 17:48 83
Gleckler Kayla 13:34 4
Huffman Jolie 17:53 86
Keller Kennedy 13:53 12
Bryson Owen 16:06 91
Hartzell Chris 15:12 80
Pennington Evan 15:49 87

What has been a slow and frustrating meet for the high school is clearly not so for the middle school as they had an excellent showing across the board.

Full Event Results are available on Baumspage.

Up Next: Liberty Center Widewater Invitational. Consistently mentioned as a favorite among the Viking runners, this one should be a treat!

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