Schedule for First Week of School

Here we are, ready for the start of the school year!  If anything, our runners should have a little easier transition this year as those who went to camp have already been up and running by 7am for three weeks now Smile

Just a reminder that as of the start of school all athletes should change in the locker rooms (not the restrooms), and your stuff can be stored in Coach Cymbolin’s room during practice. If this changes going forward we will be sure to let you know.

Here’s the schedule for this week (all runs at the high school):

Monday 8/14 7:00 am – Long run (nine miles for the longest group)

Tuesday 8/15 7:00am – Easy recovery run

Wednesday 8/16 3:00pm – Moderate run

Thursday 8/17 3:00pm – Speed work on the track

Friday 8/18 TBD – Team fun day. Will either be games after school or a team movie night in the evening. Details to come soon.

Possibility we may swap Wed/Thu workouts depending on schedules. Don’t forget to hydrate well this week, especially since we’re shifting to afternoon workouts where it promises to be a little warmer than our morning runs!

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