Defiance Early Bird Invitational Info

2016 Defiance Ashley Katie
Ashley and Katie work together through the first mile at Defiance

Defiance Early Bird Open Sat. 8/26 (High School & Middle School)

Results available at

Course maps:

Defiance High School Course

Defiance Middle School Course

Camp Lakota
2180 Ginter Road
Defiance, OH 43512

6:30am – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 7:45am)
9:00am – HS boys race
9:45am – HS girls race
10:30pm – MS boys race
11:00am – MS girls race
1:00pm – Estimated return time

Meet Notes – This is a fairly challenging course, but a great example of what cross country is all about. The high school runners get a fairly flat first mile before running down “The Hill” and into the trail portion (the Middle School just goes right down the hill).  The second mile of the course is different this year; there is still the moderate second hill, but instead of looping all the way around the lake in the woods, it turns back and runs along the front side. The benefit is primarily for spectators in that you don’t have to go all the way back to the far side of the lake for the 2-mile mark (it should be roughly near the boathouse).  The course loops back to head up “The Hill” before turning to the finish.  From a spectator standpoint, the start, mile mark and finish are all right in the same area, with “The Hill” being only a short walk away.

*There will be concessions available. However, we ask that athletes have a healthy breakfast that morning and NOT eat concession food until after they have competed. We will have healthy snacks provided by parents; athletes are strongly encouraged to partake of these after competing.

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