First School Week – Schedule Update

This Wednesday is the first day of classes for the 2018-2019 school year, and there are some scheduling updates for the Evergreen XC teams.  We’ll be shifting to afternoon practices at 3pm at the High School starting Monday.  We’ve been running in the cooler morning hours the past few weeks, so with highs in the mid-80’s this week it’s all the more important athletes stay well hydrated!

Here is this week’s schedule for HS (MS practices will be a little shorter)

Monday (3p-5p) – Team meeting, long run

Tuesday (3p-4:30p) – Easy recovery run, core work

Wednesday (3p-4:30p) – Track work

Thursday (3p-4:30p) – Tempo run

Friday (3p-4p) – Easy recovery run

(4:15p) – Fall sports athlete dinner

(6:30p) – Meet the Team event at the football stadium. Must be on the field by 6:30. We will wear our gray XC shirts from camp (those who weren’t at camp will get a shirt this week)

(After?) – Discussion of possible team event (movie night, etc.) follow team introductions and possibly part of football scrimmage. Details will be sent out if anything is finalized.

If you have any questions about anything on the schedule, please contact a coach!


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