2018 Defiance Early Bird Info

2017 Defiance Jolie hill
Jolie is all smiles coming up “The Hill” at the 2017 meet

Update – The Defiance Open was postponed Saturday due to lightning. The information below has been updated to reflect the rescheduled meet on Tuesday 8/28.

Defiance Early Bird Open Tuesday 8/28 (High School and Middle School)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/defiance/2018/

Course maps:

Defiance High School Course

Defiance Middle School Course

Camp Lakota
2180 Ginter Road
Defiance, OH 43512

*New this year – There is a $3 per car charge for parking

3:45pm – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 5:00pm)
6:00pm – MS boys race
6:30pm – MS girls race
7:00pm – HS boys race
7:45pm – HS girls race
9:45pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – This is a fairly challenging course, but a great example of what cross country is all about. The high school runners get a fairly flat first mile before running down “The Hill” and into the trail portion; middle school heads right down “The Hill.” After a brief, hilly trail section, the course loops along the front side of the lake before turning back to head up “The Hill” and to the finish.  From a spectator standpoint, the start, mile mark and finish are all right in the same area, with “The Hill” being only a short walk away.  The final half mile of this race is intense, but also provides great locations for cheering on and motivating the runners.
Reminder – If athletes will be riding home from the meet with parents instead of on the bus, please be sure to let coaches know BEFORE the start of the meet.  Athletes must be signed out by a parent prior to leaving.

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