Lake Invitational Info

Lake Middle School Invitational Thu. 8/25 (Middle School only)

Course map:


Lake Middle School
28100 Lemoyne Road
Millbury, OH 43447

3:00pm – Bus leaves from Middle School (est. arrival 4:00pm)

5:00pm – First race (assume a race kicking off every 30 minutes or so)

8:00pm – Estimated return time

Meet Notes – This is a unique one for the Middle School runners as they run 7th grade and 8th grade separately, so the new 7th grade runners are a little more relaxed not having to compete directly against the 8th graders.  It’s a moderately fast course that starts just outside the track and ends at the start/finish line on the track.  The map provided is an approximation of the route, which has changed slightly over the years. The mile mark is on the south side of the school, and they hit the mile as they’re coming back across it.  If you walk fast, you can get from the start line by the field house across the parking lots to the mile mark before the runners, and get back across the parking lot to see them finish on the track (although you may question who’s getting the better workout if you’re trying to beat the frontrunners).

*There will be concessions available. However, we ask that athletes have a healthy lunch and NOT eat concession food until after they have competed. We will have healthy snacks provided by parents; athletes are strongly encouraged to partake of these before and after competing.

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