2018 Tiffin Carnival Info

2017 Tiffin varsity boys

Tiffin Cross Country Carnival Sat. 9/8 (High School only)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/tiffin/2018/

Course maps: High School Course

Hedges Boyer Park
491 Coe St.
Tiffin, OH 44883

6:15am – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 7:45am)
8:30am – Girls’ Div. III Open
9:35am – Girls’ Div. III Varsity
10:05am/11:00am – Boys’ Div. III Varsity (time slot TBD)
11:25am – Boys’ Div. III Open
3:30pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – One of the largest meets in the country, this carnival is in its 50th year and features most of the top teams and individual runners in the state. The first race of the day kicks off at 8:30am, and the last race doesn’t start until 4:45pm.  Most of these races will have upwards of 240 runners, making it a pretty intense and unique experience for each participant.  This also happens to be the same course on which the Regional meet is run, giving us an opportunity to preview the course without making a special trip in late October.  The course is challenging to be sure, but also ripe for some very fast times so it’s a great opportunity all around for the Viking runners.  We ran really well here last year, and the conditions look good to do so again.


Note – because our girls run in the very first race, we need to be LEAVING the high school no later than 6:15am. This means we expect all athletes to be there PRIOR to 6:15am so we are loaded and leaving on time.



A few things of note:
  • Tiffin is about 90 minutes from EHS, so give yourself plenty of time
  • Parking can be challenging. Plan to enter on Summit Street (the “bottom” of the park) and walk to the upper area.  You can enter off Coe Street, but you have to pass through several areas that are blocked off during races, making it very difficult to get through. Again, give yourself plenty of time.
  • They run a VERY tight schedule. If they say the girls’ varsity race is at 9:35 AM, that gun will go off at 9:35 AM.
  • The side of the start area near the finish is typically very crowded, as are several other areas on that side of the course. There’s a lot of people here, so bring a dose of patience 🙂
  • Cell coverage is really bad. Calling, texting, tweeting, etc. is a gamble at any given time.
  • The t-shirts for this meet are usually pretty cool, and you’ll often see runners wearing them at other meets throughout the year. This meet is somewhat legendary among the high school cross country community.  That this is the 50th year only adds to the allure.
  • We are planning on stopping for lunch during the drive back. We welcome anyone to join us, just be advised it may be crowded with 23 runners plus coaches and parents. We’ll let everyone know Saturday where we decided to stop.


*There will be concessions available. However, we ask that athletes have a healthy breakfast that morning and NOT eat concession food until after they have competed. We will have healthy snacks provided by parents; athletes are strongly encouraged to partake of these AFTER competing.

2018 Columbus Grove Info

Tiffin Start

Columbus Grove Invitational Saturday 9/1 (High School only)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/colgrove/2018/

Course maps: (not available)

Clymer Stadium
123 W Pendleton Street
Columbus Grove, OH 45830

6:30am – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 8:00am)
9:30am – HS Girls Varsity (“Red” division)
10:30am – HS Boys Varsity (“Red” division)
11:05am – HS Boys/Girls(?) JV
2:00pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – This is a new meet for us this season.  We have several mainstay meets we enjoy, but each year we like to rotate in some new courses and this is one of our new ones (replacing Otsego).  Coach Hesson ran this course in high school and remembers it being a decent one. By the looks of times from the past few years, this also looks like a very fast course (or at least a fast race).
Athlete note: they only allow up to 1/4″ spikes and will be checking at the line. With currently expected weather, there should not be a need for anything longer.
A few spectator notes:
  • There is a $2/person admission for spectators
  • They do not allow ANY pets on the school grounds
  • Meet t-shirts are on sale for $15
  • We haven’t been given a copy of the course map or info on the parking situation, so please allow yourself extra time to find a parking spot and locate the start/finish areas before the races
Note: Again, this is a new meet for us and we’ve had some communication difficulties with the meet organizers. They may be changes to the above information, and we will communicate any such changes as quickly as we receive information.


Updated Schedule Following Defiance

High school and middle school runners were up bright and early, ready to go for the first major meet of the year…but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Due to pretty persistent lightning, the meet manager decided to postpone the Defiance Early Bird Open until Tuesday.  This, coupled with Fulton County Fair beginning this week, has a bit of a cascade effect on our schedule.  Here is our updated schedule for the coming week:

Sunday (8/26) – Practice 7pm at Coach Schwan’s in Lyons. This practice is optional but strongly encouraged as we will not be able to do our normal long run Monday with a meet the following day. Pool will be open for swimming after (should be done before 9pm).

Monday (8/27) – Easy run after school.

Tuesday (8/28) – Defiance Meet. Bus will leave 3:45p from the school. Here is the updated race schedule:

6:00p – HS boys
6:45p – HS girls
7:30p – MS boys
8:00p – MS girls

Wednesday (8/29) – Moderate recovery run after school.

Thursday (8/30) – Homecoming Park hill run. Bus will leave 3:15p from the school.

Friday (8/31) – No practice. Team meal 5pm @ HS. Meet the Team night at FB game (meet outside stadium at 6:15pm).

Saturday (9/1) – Columbus Grove Invitational (details to come)

Our apologies for the inconvenience with the schedule changes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the coaches.

2018 Defiance Early Bird Info

2017 Defiance Jolie hill
Jolie is all smiles coming up “The Hill” at the 2017 meet

Update – The Defiance Open was postponed Saturday due to lightning. The information below has been updated to reflect the rescheduled meet on Tuesday 8/28.

Defiance Early Bird Open Tuesday 8/28 (High School and Middle School)

Results available at http://www.baumspage.com/cc/defiance/2018/

Course maps:

Defiance High School Course

Defiance Middle School Course

Camp Lakota
2180 Ginter Road
Defiance, OH 43512

*New this year – There is a $3 per car charge for parking

3:45pm – Bus leaves from High School (est. arrival 5:00pm)
6:00pm – MS boys race
6:30pm – MS girls race
7:00pm – HS boys race
7:45pm – HS girls race
9:45pm – Estimated return time
Meet Notes – This is a fairly challenging course, but a great example of what cross country is all about. The high school runners get a fairly flat first mile before running down “The Hill” and into the trail portion; middle school heads right down “The Hill.” After a brief, hilly trail section, the course loops along the front side of the lake before turning back to head up “The Hill” and to the finish.  From a spectator standpoint, the start, mile mark and finish are all right in the same area, with “The Hill” being only a short walk away.  The final half mile of this race is intense, but also provides great locations for cheering on and motivating the runners.
Reminder – If athletes will be riding home from the meet with parents instead of on the bus, please be sure to let coaches know BEFORE the start of the meet.  Athletes must be signed out by a parent prior to leaving.

2018 Lake Middle School Invite Info

2017 Lake girls start
The 8th grade race gets under way at the 2017 Lake Invitational

Lake Middle School Invitational Thu. 8/23 (Middle School only)

Course map: The course changes every year, but typically starts and finishes near the track.  A course map should be posted at the pavilion.

Lake Middle School
28100 Lemoyne Road
Millbury, OH 43447

3:00pm – Bus leaves from Middle School (est. arrival 4:00pm)

5:00pm – First race (assume a race kicking off every 30 minutes or so)

8:00pm – Estimated return time

Meet Notes – This is a unique one for the Middle School runners as they run 7th grade and 8th grade separately, so the new 7th grade runners are a little more relaxed not having to compete directly against the 8th graders.  This is also the only non-Saturday race we run during the season, so it’s a little out of the ordinary.  We continue to run this race every year though as it’s a great introduction to cross country for our new runners.

From a spectator standpoint, as mentioned above the course seems to change annually so it’s a good idea to arrive early enough to check out the course map and decide where to view the race.  There are usually plenty of places to cheer on the middle school runners, and with the start and finish usually right near the same area it’s easy to see both without having to run all more than the athletes!

**There will be concessions available. However, we ask that athletes have a healthy lunch and NOT eat concession food until after they have competed. We will have healthy snacks provided by parents; athletes are strongly encouraged to partake of these before and after competing.

First School Week – Schedule Update

This Wednesday is the first day of classes for the 2018-2019 school year, and there are some scheduling updates for the Evergreen XC teams.  We’ll be shifting to afternoon practices at 3pm at the High School starting Monday.  We’ve been running in the cooler morning hours the past few weeks, so with highs in the mid-80’s this week it’s all the more important athletes stay well hydrated!

Here is this week’s schedule for HS (MS practices will be a little shorter)

Monday (3p-5p) – Team meeting, long run

Tuesday (3p-4:30p) – Easy recovery run, core work

Wednesday (3p-4:30p) – Track work

Thursday (3p-4:30p) – Tempo run

Friday (3p-4p) – Easy recovery run

(4:15p) – Fall sports athlete dinner

(6:30p) – Meet the Team event at the football stadium. Must be on the field by 6:30. We will wear our gray XC shirts from camp (those who weren’t at camp will get a shirt this week)

(After?) – Discussion of possible team event (movie night, etc.) follow team introductions and possibly part of football scrimmage. Details will be sent out if anything is finalized.

If you have any questions about anything on the schedule, please contact a coach!


Team Meals & Race Day Snacks

Back by popular demand…our team meal/post race snack sign up is here! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Team meals will take place in the H.S. cafeteria at 3:45 p.m. on Fridays before race days and are great for team bonding. Race snacks are great for replenishing our runners after they compete. There are a couple of sign ups for each meal/snack as a group of parents can share the team meal and/or race snack. Team meals usually include main dish, sides, dessert, and drinks. We will supply the paper products and silverware. We have about 12 middle schoolers and 20 high schoolers; altogether plan for about 35 people including the coaches. Thank you!

Spirit Wear Information

We will have 2 options for ordering spirit wear for this year. Option #1 is with Team Sport, see link–https://evergreenxc2018.itemorder.com/**Please note that orders with Team Sports take about 6 weeks to process/delivery and it ends on Sunday, August 12 @ 11:59 pm

Option #2 will be with a local business (Haas-Jordan- we have received generous donations through this company and it is a great way to thank them). We are in the process of finalizing our own logo and through this package, we will have t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pullover jackets, etc. This spirit wear package will be available in the near future (stay tuned) and orders will be process/delivered in a faster time frame than Team Sports (2 weeks or so). **Warm-Ups will be ordered through option #2. This year, we are going to have athletes purchase their own warm-ups and they will be able to keep them. More information to come next week.

Practice Schedule Update


With our 2018 Summer Camp wrapped up and the first day of school just 19 days away, it’s time to ramp up the practice schedule to get ready for the full cross country season.  Here is the practice schedule from here on out:

Sun July 29 – 7pm @ Metamora Park

Tue July 31 – 7am @ EHS

Wed Aug 1 to Fri Aug 3 – 7am @ EHS – Mandatory practice for high school (middle school optional but welcome)

Week of Aug 6 – 7am @ EHS – Mandatory practice (HS and MS)

Week of Aug 13 – 3pm @ EHS – Mandatory practice (HS and MS)

We will likely have at least one or two offsite practices during the next couple weeks. Information will be sent out ahead of any such workouts.

Also, there are some additional important dates to note:

Aug 2 – 7:30pm – Fall sports meeting (XC parents meeting immediately following)

Aug 8 – TBD – High school team/individual pictures (MS to be announced at a later time)

We are excited to kick off our official 2018 and build on all the hard work that has been put in over the summer!  If you have any questions, please contact one of the coaches.